4. Formatting & Publishing – Thesis Hub https://thesishub.org Knowledge Sharing Platform for Researchers. Sat, 08 Feb 2020 03:04:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.1 How to Add Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers in Microsoft Word https://thesishub.org/how-to-add-headers-footers-and-page-numbers-in-microsoft-word/ Sat, 08 Feb 2020 03:00:39 +0000 https://thesishub.org/?p=15822 Sometimes you've got to make longer documents—such as business reports, school papers, and book-length materials. Microsoft Word headers, footers, and page numbers organize the document and make it easier for your readers to navigate. ]]> Your Thesis Table of Contents https://thesishub.org/your-thesis-table-of-contents/ https://thesishub.org/your-thesis-table-of-contents/#comments Mon, 06 Feb 2017 02:34:26 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=14719 I advise you to learn how to create table of contents from scratch... If you can successfully create a table of contents from scratch... You are awesome]]> https://thesishub.org/your-thesis-table-of-contents/feed/ 1 Thesishub Template: A “Simple” Framework for Thesis Formatting. https://thesishub.org/thesishub-template-simple-framework-thesis-formatting-2/ https://thesishub.org/thesishub-template-simple-framework-thesis-formatting-2/#comments Sat, 04 Feb 2017 12:03:28 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=8351 I am so happy to present the “simplest” thesis template in Malaysia. This template was created for University of Malaya. The caption blocks method is used to simplify the template. Caption Blocks can be used with any template; USM, UPM, UKM, UTM, UniMAS, IIUM …etc. To have an idea about how caption blocks work , follow this 3 simple […]]]> https://thesishub.org/thesishub-template-simple-framework-thesis-formatting-2/feed/ 3 Defending PhD Thesis https://thesishub.org/defending-phd-thesis/ https://thesishub.org/defending-phd-thesis/#comments Fri, 11 Nov 2016 09:33:09 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=13082 This article provides an inside view of the defense process to let students know what to expect to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the ritual.]]> https://thesishub.org/defending-phd-thesis/feed/ 33 Basics of research paper writing and publishing https://thesishub.org/basics-of-research-paper-writing-and-publishing/ Wed, 02 Nov 2016 02:10:08 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=12479 This paper presents a synthesis of guidelines found in literature about structuring and writing scientific papers. 1. Outlines the process 2. Provide a handy introduction to essential issues. 3. Interdisciplinary stance by giving examples from technology, social, natural and computing sciences.]]> Sample Book Proposal Guidelines https://thesishub.org/how-to-prepare-a-publishing-proposal/ Thu, 06 Oct 2016 22:10:37 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=10435 In preparing your proposal, bear in mind that the publisher needs to know as much as possible about your book, its scope, its intended audience, and how the publisher can promote the book to that audience. ]]> Writing a Research Article in 40 Steps! https://thesishub.org/writing-a-research-article-in-40-steps/ Thu, 06 Oct 2016 20:30:57 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=10428 The article provides ’rules of thumb’ for writing research articles and getting them published. ]]> Rules of Thumb for Writing Research Articles https://thesishub.org/rules-of-thumb-for-writing-research-articles/ https://thesishub.org/rules-of-thumb-for-writing-research-articles/#comments Tue, 04 Oct 2016 22:17:30 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=10137 The article provides ’rules of thumb’ for writing research articles and getting them published. 1. Adjust your writing to the audience and purpose. 2. Avoid redundancy and unnecessary explanations. 3. Write like you speak and then revise.]]> https://thesishub.org/rules-of-thumb-for-writing-research-articles/feed/ 4 Publishing Your Doctoral Thesis https://thesishub.org/publishing-your-doctoral-thesis/ Thu, 29 Sep 2016 13:37:00 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=9780 The publication of a first monograph can strongly contribute to the success of a junior academic's career: it enables the author's work to become more widely read and cited; it can strengthen the author's reputation and it can help a candidate when seeking a job and/or applying for grants and funding. ]]> Eleven Reasons why Manuscripts are Rejected https://thesishub.org/eleven-reasons-manuscripts-rejected/ https://thesishub.org/eleven-reasons-manuscripts-rejected/#comments Thu, 29 Sep 2016 05:20:25 +0000 http://thesishub.org/newthesishub/?p=9767 Manuscripts submitted for peer review publication may be rejected for a number of different reasons, most of which are avoidable.]]> https://thesishub.org/eleven-reasons-manuscripts-rejected/feed/ 2