Why Self-Publish a Book

✓ There are several reasons why you would self publish including the following:

  • Increase Authority
  • Grow your audience
  • Increase your income
  • Create a career

✓ Being a stellar writer isn’t the most important skill you need to have to be a successful self-published author

✓ Your main job is to put your invaluable advice or storytelling to work—get it on paper

✓ You can hire an editor to smooth out the rough places, make it flow better and fix your grammar mistakes

✓ You can even hire a ghostwriter to do all the work for you if you’re not confident enough to write it on your own

Planning your Book

✓ Before you even get the first word down onto paper, you need to participate in some brainstorming, do some research and make some decisions

✓ The first step is to decide what topic you are going to write on

✓ Here are some tips to help you decide what to write about

  • Write what you love
  • Do the research
  • Poll your readers for suggestions
  • Look at trends

To Outline or Not

✓ Now that you have your topic, it’s time to decide how to get started writing

✓ If you talk to authors, you’ll get different opinions on if outlining is the best way to go or not

✓ There are benefits to both outlining and not outlining (often referred to as pantsing)

✓ Pantsing allows you the freedom to let the topic take you into the flow of writing

✓ When you outline, you typically have less revision to make, and it doesn’t take as long to write the book

✓ Most authors use a combination of pantsing and plotting

Marketing Your Book

✓ Successful self-published authors will tell you that the time to market is now—before you write the book

✓ Marketing starts when you come up with ideas for the title, cover art, and synopsis

✓ Here are a few things to think about to get you started marketing your book

  • Keywords and categories
  • What’s in a title
  • Description
  • oStart your author’s platform
  • Book formats

✓ There are three things you need to avoid scrimping on if you want your book to be a successful earner

  • o Book Covers
  • o Editing
  • o Formatting

Writing your book

✓ One of the biggest challenges to getting a book self-published is finding the time to write

✓ Here are some down and dirty reminders. If you are serious about publishing that book, you need to:

  • o Schedule time to write
  • o Stay motivated
  • o Commit to a session
  • o Let go of self-doubt
  • o Use “hidden” time to write
  • o Just write

Promoting Your Book

✓ As with your book marketing, you will want to begin promoting your book before it’s finished

✓ Some things you will want to do before the release

  • o Pre-orders
  • o Blog
  • o Social Media
  • o Paid Ads

✓ Some things you will want to do at or after the release

  • o Launch Party
  • o Book Blog Tour
  • o Write more books
  • o Make YouTube videos
  • o Release multiple media formats
  • o Run a Goodreads giveaway
  • o Run a KDP Free or Countdown Deal


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