Human Learning Styles

Everyone is unique, as people and as learners.

If you can identify your instinctive approach to learning, you will be able to see your natural strengths and weaknesses. If you can build on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses, you will be in a better position to gain control over your learning

Four learning styles

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Reader-writer, and
  • Multi-modal (a combination of more than one learning style)

Visual Learners:

  • tend to see things in their minds
  • prefer to learn from taking notes and diagrams
  • like to learn from pictures, charts, diagrams and videos
  • tend to doodle when talking on the phone
  • are good spellers and can see words in their mind
  • are good at planning and organising
  • often know what to say but can not think of the right words

 Auditory Learners:

  • learn information best by hearing it
  • prefer to learn from lectures, discussions, and audio tapes rather than reading a book
  • ‘sound out’ the word when spelling
  • enjoy using the telephone, listening to music, singing and talking
  • sometimes talk to themselves
  • are easily distracted by noise
  • are often very good speakers and love discussion

 Kinesthetic Learners:

  • like movement, rhythm and action
  • prefer to learn by practical activities and hands-on experiences
  • enjoy dancing, sport, and working things out while ‘on the move’
  • fidget and gesture a lot, and often find it hard to sit still
  • remember best when they are active while learning

 Reader/Writer Learners:

  • are comfortable expressing themselves both in writing and speech
  • like textbooks and handouts, and take lots of notes
  • enjoy writing essays and using the library
  • make lists and use a dictionary
  • are clever at word play

 Multimodal Learners:

If you have multiple preferences you are not alone. Approximately 60% of the population are multi-modal. Multiple preferences mean you are able to adapt your learning style to any situation.


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