Creating a Table of Contents

Word can automatically generate a Table of Contents (TOC) from your styles, primarily the Heading styles you have used. Although it is easiest to create the TOC from built in Heading styles, you can also ask Word to include other styles as well by clicking on the Options button in the Table of Contents window while generating the Table of Contents. To create the Table of Contents :

  1. Set the insertion point after the Aknowledgment section, where the TOC should appear.
  2. Click on the References tab
  3. Choose an item from the Table of Contents drop down button on the far left of the ribbon. If you like one of the sample Table of Contents formats in the list, you can choose one of those; if you want to customize your Table of Contents you can chooseInsert Table of Contents and select the format, and the number of heading levels you wish to have appear in the TOC, and optionally click on the Options button if you want to add or remove styles to include in the Table of Contents, and click OK.
  4. Word will insert the Table of Contents.
  5. At some later point, you can insert the TOC again, and Word will ask if you want to replace the old TOC.

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