How to Organize Your Thesis With Trello

Writing thesis  is very difficult. But not only writing is difficult.
Everything around it is too ūüôā

So .. How to stay organized?

 In this post I will introduce Trello, A software (App) that will aid you in many ways throughout your studies and other daily tasks. I am using Trello on a daily basis, it is making everything so much easier!

Trello is a tool that let’s you manage any kind of project. You can create lists, synchronize and access them on all of your devices (Android and iOS), and even work on them collaboratively.

For my thesis I just created a simple Kanban board with ToDo, Doing, and Done.

The first thing I did starting off with my thesis was to create a ToDo-list. I like ToDo-lists and I like crossing things off of it – it gives me a sense of accomplishment ūüôā

Create ToDo-cards in your ToDo-list, move them to Doing when you begin working on them, and put them in Done when you finish. You get the idea.

Of course you can also create more boards and lists, e.g. one board as a reading list and one for chapters you want to write – use your imagination.

to learn how to use Trello checkout these tutorials :

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Or watch this youtube



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