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  • verbsd-in-the-literature-review

    Verbs Used in the Literature Review

    October 17,2016 / Literature Review / 1 Comments

    To be more precise the list below contains "Verbs Used in The Literature Review to Present previous and/or Current Research and Contributions."

  • a-guide-to-using-endnote-x7

    A guide to using EndNote X7

    October 16,2016 / Bibliography Styles / 0 Comments

    EndNote helps you collect and store all the references you have found from different sources. You can use your EndNote library to insert in-text...

  • writing-as-expert-performance

    Writing as Expert Performance

    October 15,2016 / Writing Tips / 0 Comments

    Anyone who is seen as a genius spends a huge amount of time practising their skills, constantly working to improve and getting good feedback along...

  • become-a-prolific-scholar

    Publish & Flourish

    October 14,2016 / Book Reviews / 0 Comments

    When you can’t work harder, there are important ways to work smarter. Every scholar can become more prolific and these steps can show you how.

  • the-final-chapter-1

    The Final Chapter

    October 07,2016 / Conclusions / 0 Comments

    The final chapter should balance the errors confessed and achievements proclaimed, as much as reconnecting the data analysis to the basic analytic...

  • 12-tips-for-creating-effective-presentations

    12 Tips for Creating Effective Presentations

    October 07,2016 / Posters & Presentation / 0 Comments

    The following are some tips with good and bad visual examples to help presenters identify and avoid bad PowerPoint habits, and to promote awareness...

  • data-visualization

    Data Visualization

    October 07,2016 / Data Analysis / 0 Comments

    When data is communicated graphically, just like verbal communication using language, certain rules of syntax and semantics apply. If you disobey the...

  • ten-steps-to-writing-an-effective-abstract

    Ten Steps to Writing an Effective Abstract

    October 07,2016 / Abstract / 9 Comments

    An abstract is a condensed version of the manuscript, which highlights the major points covered, concisely describes its content and scope, and...


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