Preparation to Do Masters or PhD!?

Those who have an idea to do Masters/ PhD, but do not know how to move on?

  1. Finalised which area you are interested in. How about you?
  2. You may have a tentative topic. Based on your topic, find key words.
  3. Search for journals, read related thesis and refer to chapter
  4. With reading knowledge, meet a few Profs and senior lecturers and tune their reliable ideas pertaining to the topic. Have you done that?
  5. Then, finalised a few issues for the problem statement. What are the issues will be brought to PhD Studies? Have you?
  6. (Further research).
  7. Find objectives based on the issues (problem statement). Have you?
  8. I have read more than 30 articles and tabulated them and found a gap? Have you?
  9. Then, outline your frameworks.
  10. Then, consider about the ethical clearance and where I intend to get the data? How to access easily? So, I wrote a letter to a few companies to access the data. How about you?
  11. Find research designs, if can try to do a pilot study to find out whether the methodology which you have chosen reliable or not.
  12. Then write your research proposal based on your University or Faculty guidelines.
  1. Fakhry Abushanab says

    Thank you so much for this very rich information, that anice topics and link

    1. Eng. Zaid A Alsmadi says

      Thank you Fakhry

  2. Halimat says

    Thesishub has really been helpful to me. Awesome piece! Pls can I receive them on my email?
    Thank you.

    1. Eng. Zaid A Alsmadi says

      Share by email is available, click the (+) icon on the share menu then choose the mailbox you like Gmail, Yahoo and others. thats it.
      Good luck.

  3. Dr. Umar says

    I want to do masters and phd in nanotechnology and or nanobiotechnology

    1. Eng. Zaid A Alsmadi says

      Good luck Dr. Omar

  4. Ambassador of Peace says

    Thank you for this educative article.
    Item 8 talked about 30 articles. Please, is reading 30 articles minimum for MSc, PhD or both?
    The article didn’t mentioned published books. Can they still be part of the material to be consulted?
    Thank you while I await your response.

    1. Eng. Zaid A Alsmadi says

      I will call the author Dr. Isai Amutan to entertain your valuable comments.

      Peace 🙂

  5. Hashmat says

    want to do Ph.D after MS. (HR) with full Scholarship, Is it possible? Please

    Thank You..

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