Quick Guide to Thesis Writing

22 Steps to Submit a Completed Thesis

1. Writing a thesis well is simple if you know how.

2. There are three aspects:

* structure

* substance

* style

but all three are entwined.

3. Start at the beginning by keeping good records.

4. Understand what it is you are doing and why.

5. Be clear what story you are going to tell.

6. Keep the hypothesis to the fore always.

7. Stick to the thesis structure you have been given.

8. Start writing your Experimental Chapters first.

9. If you have done a Literature Review, write it next.

10. Then complete the rest:

* Conclusions

* Introduction

* Summary

in that order.

11. The other bits and pieces like the Appendices may be written as you go along.

12. Think, plan write, revise.

13. Think clearly.

14. Write carefully.

15. The three watchwords are:

* Clarity

* Precision

* Brevity

in that order.

16. Leave no gaps in the chain of logic or ideas you express.

17. Avoid verbiage.

18. Avoid clutter.

19. Develop your own writing style by

* careful reading and

* even more careful writing.

20. Polish what you have written by repeated reading and revision.

21. Ask your supervisor to critique your thesis draft and amend it accordingly.

22. Submit your best effort as your completed thesis. 🙂


Chandrasekhar, R. (2002). How to write a thesis: A working guide. (pp. 32). The University of Western Australia. Retrieved from this link


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