What is Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity means being honest in all academic work. Every University expects that all students and staff will act with academic integrity.  Every University wants its programmes of study and qualifications to be respected and valued, and to be sure that all those who gain the university qualification have personally reached the standards expected of that qualification.

Students will learn about and practise skills related to academic integrity in class. If you need further help you are expected to seek it out by accessing online support material and working with Library and Learning Services staff.

every university in its practices will be guided by values that support the academic life of the institute:


Intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research and service


Confidence in persons and systems on campus that enable a free exchange of ideas, and enable all to reach their highest potential


Clear standards for assessment that are fairly applied to all members of the university community


Acknowledging the participatory nature of learning and respecting the varying perspectives of others


Believing that every person in the academic community is personally accountable for taking action when a breach of academic integrity occurs

 (Adapted from Duke University Center for Academic Integrity, 1999) 


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