Top 6 Reasons to Attend ThesisHub Formatting Workshop

Top 6 Reasons to Attend MyThesis Hub Formatting Workshop

1. Discover and Learn the easiest thesis formatting methods.

Workshop Participants will be handed a complete copy of MyThesis Template V3.5. This template is facilitated with Single-Touch-Method to format text headings and to insert captions for figures, tables and equations in a handy way. The template allows you to insert fully formatted landscape pages in a similar way.

This single touch method was develeoped by Eng. Zaid Alsmadi in 2010 and it have been used in formatting 100s of  thesis from different Malaysian Universities.

 2. Participating in a Formatting workshop will renew your passion for writting.

A great opportunities will motivate and inspire you to finish your thesis as soon as possible. it is time to break out of oour comfort zone

 3. Share an experience with like minded people who share your passion

practicing thesis formatting alongside others who share your interest is without question a valuable learning experience. Sharing knowledge and techniques with others is a very inspirational environment which can enable you to reach a new level of writting.

4. Learn from an expert while developing your own style

A good workshop leader will ensure that every participant gets the level of support they need and will be on hand to offer help as needed. An experienced instructor will help you master technical skills while providing ample time for participants to solve their own probems. With expert guidance your MS word skills becomes more acute allowing you to develop your own personal style.

 5. The opportunity to practice what you learn

This workshop will enables you to learn technical skills and put your training to use immediately. The more you practice your new skills, the longer they will stay with you. The goal is to have the process of making thesis formatting become second nature which will free you to pursue core ideas.

 6. lunch & beverage are provided

Lunch and light refreshments are provided. Please indicate in the order form if you are Vegetarian (V) or Non-Vegetarian (NV).

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