Compendium of Academic Verbs

Academic Verbs Academic Verbs Academic Verbs Academic Verbs Academic Verbs
accept deal with hammer out pass on sanction
acknowledge debate handle permit say
address deconstruct hash out persuade scan
admit defend have faith in ponder scrutinize
adopt define highlight portray see
advocate demand hint posit shed light on
affirm demonstrate hold postulate show
agree demur hypothesize predicate upon sift
allege deny I prefer simplify
allow describe identify present solve
allude designate illuminate presume specify
announce detail illustrate probe speculate
appraise determine imagine problematize spell out
argue develop impart proffer state
ascertain differ implement promote stress
assay disclose imply pronounce study
assert discover indicate provide submit
assume discuss infer put forth substantiate
attend dispute inquire Q suggest
aver dissect insist query summarize
avow document institute question support
B doubt interpret quote suppose
be certain of E investigate R surmise
believe elaborate J rationalize survey
break down elucidate judge realize sustain
bring to light embrace justify reason suture
C emphasize L recap synthesize
champion employ label recapitulate T
cite engage limn reconcile tackle
claim engender M refer take into account
clarify espouse make a case reference take up
clear up establish make clear refine tell
comment estimate mention reflect term
communicate evaluate mine refute test
concede examine N regard theorize
concentrate excoriate name relate think
concur explore negotiate relay transgress
confirm expound notice rely on transmit
conjecture express O remark trust
connect F object remind U
consider find offer reply uncover
contemplate focus go over own report underline
contend G research underscore
contest grant resolve undertake
contextualize guess reveal uphold
continue review use
contribute V
convey validate
count as verify

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